Tobey asks to turn the negative of the Euroleague ‘into something positive’ in the ACB

The pivot of Valencia Basket Mike Tobey has admitted the disappointment of being eliminated from the Euroleague, but said that he hopes that something negative can “turn into something positive” as happened in the 2016-17 season in which they lost the final of the Eurocup and then they won the Endesa League.

“I remember my first year in Valencia, we lost the Eurocup final and everyone was very disappointed. At the end of that season we turned all that disappointment into something very special. I think that is the mentality we have now and hopefully we can continue to advance with that mentality, “he said in statements provided by the club.

The American interior said that he hopes that the “time” they now have to work can “help them to do something positive in the Endesa League.”

Tobey He said that now “the most important thing is to get to the ACB League play-off as well as possible because, although he said they would try to be fourth to have an advantage on the track in the quarterfinals, he assured that“ without the fans in the stands, having the home court factor is no longer the big difference that it usually is ”.

“This season we have been able to beat almost everyone, I don’t know if that means a lot, but we know we can do it, that at our best level we can beat anyone and I think that point of confidence when the big games come is very important” , he stressed.

“Facing those great teams like him Barcelona or the Real Madrid Knowing that we have been able to beat them this season gives us a confidence that can be very important for the team when those big games come, ”he added.

This Sunday Valencia will host RETAbet Bilbao Basket, which will face the Czech pivot Ondrej Balvin, second most valued player and best rebounder in the competition.

“Without a doubt, a complicated marking. Since I have been in the Endesa League, I have been facing him and I have a lot of experience playing against him. He is a great player, very tall, with super long arms and defending him is always a challenge ”, he assumed.

“(We must) try to limit their presence and not do us much harm. He is a great rebounder and we will have to do a great job trying to lower the number of rebounds he catches, “he said.

Tobey noted regarding the Bilbao and its situation in the lower part of the classification that “the teams in need to win are often the most dangerous.”

“We have to be very clear about that when we get to the game. The good part is that we have all this week of training to prepare, work on the things we need and recover some of the energy that we have been losing in this long season so far, “he reflected.

“I think we needed to accelerate this process of recovering energy, we are going to face the game with all the energy we have and we are going to fight it with them,” he concluded.