To reset the team, Athletic

The worst game of the era Marcelino on the least indicated day. No one would have imagined such an encounter. Not one of the eleven players who jumped onto the pitch to play the Cup final was at his level.

La Real hardly suffered. The disappointment was colossal. For my part, I was so shocked that I hardly suffered. Do not gave credit on what he was seing. Not even with the tie did I see any options.

The vertical, electric, energetic Athletic that had come back to Barcelona in the Super Cup in January, had not appeared in La Cartuja, they were vulgar imitators without a soul. At least there was bullfighting shame, pride and good losing.

I was happy that Marcelino rescued that same eleven for the Anoeta league clash. Whoever does it, pays for it, and eats the hall. For twenty minutes, the lions proved capable of shaking the Cup champion. Y Villalibre he earned more minutes than he enjoys, although he does not have a record at his fingertips like some of his peers.

There is one week left to play the Cup final against Barça, it will be necessary to make tests against Alavés. Many doubts have been opened, too many by now. That so much illusion does not end in a nightmare.