Thunderbirds and Blue Angels fighters fly over New York in tribute to restrooms

For 40 minutes the inhabitants of Manhattan, Long Island and New Jersey were able to enjoy, last Tuesday, the special show of the planes Thunderbirds and Blue Angels of the Air Force and Navy of the country who are on a mission in United States to honor and greet frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

The fighters passed first on the bridge George Washington
Bridge towards noon, then they turned west on Newark, before I fly east on Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Then they flew over the Long Island Sound, looping around Westchester County, before heading south toward Pennsylvania for the next stop on the tour

This mission, which is called “Operation America Strong ”, combined the Navy air demonstration squadrons, the Blue jets Angels, and from the Air Force, the jets Thunderbirds, in a coordinated show in the heights.

Newark and the city of NY They had a chance to see the air show, the planes continued their tour to Trenton and Philadelphia after that and everything is expected to last approximately 35 minutes.

Local residents were able to enjoy this tribute and greeting safely and following the rules of social distancing. The government asked spectators not to crowd to enjoy the aircraft.

The planes have performed similar shows in Denver, Las Angeles, and other cities across the nation.

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