Three contestants of ‘The island of temptations’, caught on the way to ‘The last temptation’

The Eurocup Y ‘Survivors’Are giving an outstanding summer to Telecinco who, however, is not trusted and continues to work to ensnare the audience with new programs that allow you to strengthen your leadership.

It is the case of ‘The last temptation‘, A kind of spin-off of’The island of temptations‘Which still does not have a release date but will feature a large part of the cast of the hit reality show.

Despite the fact that the production company and the chain make an effort to hide as much detail as possible, little by little some of the names that will be put to the test are being known.

Is about Manuel González, Gonzalo Montoya and Stefany Martínez, who were recently caught at the airport on the way to the Dominican Republic, where the program will be recorded.

All three will join Fani Carbajo, Marta Peñate, Marina García, Andrea Gasca and Christofer Guzmán, who were already caught in the same situation a few days before, shortly before crossing the pond.

Thus, the beginning of the recordings of ‘The Last Temptation‘Is imminent. There some of the participants of the three editions of the program will once again put their relationships to the test.

The production company wants the contestants to explain at what point in their relationships they are and to put their love to the test again.

As has been learned, in the same way as in the last two editions of ‘The Island of Temptations‘, Sandra
Barneda will take command of the space in which the couples who left the program together in previous editions will have to face each other with multiple temptations.

Such is the case, for example, of Christofer and Estefanía, who gave so much to talk about in the first edition and that now they will return to the ‘crime scene’.

In the meantime, Sandra Barneda He has created a folder of highlights on his Instagram profile where he will share his day-to-day behind-the-scenes with his followers. In addition, he will be giving some previews to the most ‘fans’ of the program in order to make the wait a little more enjoyable.