Thousands of people demonstrate in Washington to denounce the alleged ‘electoral fraud’

A week after the media gave as the winner in the elections Americans to the Democrat Joe
Biden, thousands of sympathizers of the outgoing president, Donald Trump, have flooded the streets of Washington
DC to report, without evidence, an alleged fraud

Seven days have passed since the vote count, and the President Republican has not yet recognized his defeat in the elections of November 3, while he has not stopped expressing from Twitter an alleged fraud
electoral, and this message has heated the streets.

From early in the morning, the protesters approached the Freedom
Square, next to the White House, with caps and T-shirts of the Trump electoral campaign with the slogan “Make
Again“” Make America Great Again “in Spanish.

Trump greets from his car

Trump surprised the protesters with an appearance from his vehicle by Avenue
Pennsylvania, next to the Freedom Plaza, from where greeting Y smiled to the hundreds of supporters who were concentrated in that place.

The march, which ran from Freedom Plaza to the back of the Capitol in front of the Supreme Court, was called by a group of organizations
Trump and was baptized with various names, such as “March MAGA Million “Make America Great Again”, “March for Trump” and “Stop
Stole, DC“, among others.

March against the alleged electoral fraud

Tension in the streets after the march

After the peaceful demonstration of thousands of Trump supporters, sunset the streets began to heat up and they registered altercations around the White House. According to local media, tonight they have arrested
10 persons and a person has been injured by stabbing.

Pro-Trump protesters and detractors of the president began to launch objects Y flares until the police came between them.

An officer putting out flares at the Pro Trump march
An officer putting out flares at the Pro Trump march

Trump himself tweeted tonight to criticize the counter-protesters: “The Antifa SCAG ran through the hills today when they tried to attack the people of the Trump Rally, because those people responded aggressively. Antifa waited until tonight, when 99% had left to attack innocent people MAGA (Trump’s campaign slogan, Make America Great Again).

“DC Police, go, do your job, don’t be intimidated !!!”, the president cried.