This will be the sprint races that will be tested in F1 this year

It was an open secret, and finally, it became official this Wednesday. The F1 will test in three appointments of this season 2021 a new format of Big prize With which they intend to increase the excitement of each day, with the aim of wanting to leave behind the days in which there were only two free practice sessions that on many occasions were not very representative for Saturday and Sunday. With that goal in mind, in order to increase the following of F1 around the world and attract more fans, F1 will test a new weekend format in the tests of Britain (July 17th), Italy (September 11) and Brazil (November 6, at the expense of the coronavirus). In them, a qualifying session will be held on Friday, giving greater importance to the first day of GP compared to the current format, a short race of 100 kilometers for Saturday (qualifying race) and finally, the most important race, the long one. Sunday.

In addition, before qualifying on Friday, Free 1 will be played and at the end of Friday the cars will go into a closed park regime, so no changes can be made for the remainder of the weekend. This greatly reduces the time for teams to carry out multiple tests to find perfection in their settings, since in this new format they will only have one hour of Free Practice 1 to hit the key. In this sense, on Saturday, before the sprint race, the teams will have one more hour to test their cars in FP2, although without being able to make changes to their cars.

This is how the weekend will be:

– Friday:

Free 1 of 60 minutes

Qualification (determines short-race grid order). It will be done with the current ‘qualy’ format, with Q1, Q2 and Q3.

At the end of the day, the cars will be parked. No modifications can be made.

– Saturday:

Free 2, without being able to make modifications.

Qualifying race (This short sleeve will be 100 kilometers. Your objective is to determine the grid for Sunday. Points will be awarded for the first 3 -3 for the winner, 2 for the second and one for the third-)

– Sunday: Sunday race. Points will be distributed following the current system.

The term sprint race is used to refer to a short race that differs from the long race on Sunday. Being a short race, lasting 100 kilometers, it is called a sprint. However, F1 has decided to name it a ‘qualifying race’, since its main function will be to determine the positions of the starting grid on Sunday.

It will work as follows: On Friday, the drivers will contest a classification that will determine their starting position for Saturday’s sprint race. In this short sleeve, the cars will fight for the best result, which will determine their starting position for Sunday’s race. That starting position on Sunday will be his great incentive, and since it will replace the current classification on Saturdays, it will be called the ‘qualifying race’. In addition, to add an extra incentive, the three best drivers will receive extra points for the championship.

In this way, F1 wants to give more excitement to Fridays in which there are currently only monotonous free practice sessions, placing a first classification that same day. And also, give more excitement to Saturday, with a qualifying in a short race format, which is synonymous with battle on the track.

The fact of having to compete in these 3 short races means that the teams have to spend more in these 3 Grand Prix in which this format is tested. Therefore, according to ‘’, the teams have agreed to receive some 420,000 euros from Liberty Media to meet these extra costs.