‘This will be Cristiano’s last year at Juventus’

While at Real Madrid, Zidane and Butragueño they have opened the door of the return of Cristiano Ronaldo, in Italy they already see him outside of Juventus. At least that’s what he thinks Toto Schillaci, former striker for Juventus and the Italian national team. “This will be his last year at Juventus,” said the former player, in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I do not know if the club will offer to renew, what is certain is that Ronaldo will not take long to find a new team. The criticism he received in the Champions League was excessive, he is the best striker in the world. It can happen to have a bad game: Juve, perhaps, underestimated the rival, “he said. Schillaci.

Of course, Schillaci is clear that Christian “He will give everything for himself and for the club, showing that Porto was just a setback,” said the former player who said about Serie A that “I think Inter will win this year, with Juve second and in struggle until the end. It was not an easy course for the Bianconeri ”.