This time, Real Madrid is warned with Zidane

Real Madrid is pending the decision of Zidane about his continuity on the white team bench. The coach said that he would speak calmly with the club, a conversation that everything indicates that it will take place this week that begins tomorrow, Monday.

Unlike 2018, this time the white leaders are already warned of what may happen. Three years ago, Zidane he left after winning the Champions League and no one in the white entity could imagine that this was going to happen. Now, the leaders are aware that Zidane can leave without ending his contract.

The intention of the club is for the Frenchman to continue, at least, one more season on the bench, but they will not force him to fulfill his contract until 2022. Florentino Pérez He is clear that he is going to respect Zidane’s decision, whatever it may be. If he leaves, the first task that the president of Real Madrid has to do is find a new coach to lead the revolution that the team needs.

The conversation that all Real Madrid expects will be between Zidane and
Florentino Pérez, a face to face that the future coach will decide. Although, as Zidane himself said, not only will they talk about him, but also about the future of the club, next season and there it will be seen if Zidane likes that future and, above all, if he is able to lead that revolution. in the template and therefore follow. The countdown to the future of the white bench has already begun.