This not for Athletic

Whatever happened last night in the Ciutat de Valencia, The calendar prior to the final on April 3 gives us to try to score many points if we really believe it is feasible to aspire to Europe via the League.

Granada, Celta and Eibar, together with the postponed duel against Atlético de Madrid, can bring us closer to the top positions. Four games compressed in 14 days that can put Athletic in orbit or leave it in no man’s land with the sole objective of the Cup between eyebrows.

Then, almost two weeks to prepare for the historic Cartuja match, which does not make much sense to dose our players beyond the condensed day-to-day league. There will be time to think and prepare for the April 3 duel. The Villalibre, Victor, Balenziaga, Black pudding, Sancet and even his own Nunez They have to compete a lot in this phase of the season, both because they are active in the face of possible contingencies, in the form of injuries or penalties, and because they take kilometers and efforts away from the rest.

Management of changes and distribution of minutes have been somewhat shocking in recent weeks. If it was something we sued Gaizka Garitano, it is fair to do it also with Marcelino
. A football with five changes allows and requires to get the most out of those who are on the field, and later take advantage of the refreshment and energy of those who are outside waiting for their opportunity and contribute.

We can all see those who lack freshness at this stage of the season. Possibly, resting is more good for them than continuing to squeeze them as it is being done. We have more resources.

-What about Iñigo, a nonsense-

Last Wednesday the sanction of 4 matches was made public Iñigo Martinez for the scuffle with Serg lion. It seems that the arbitration records are the child’s word JesusWhether or not they faithfully obey what happened during a soccer game.

It is paradoxical that the referee’s decisions are correctable by the VAR if they are not correct, but that in a record, let’s say that it is inaccurate in its wording, there is not even someone who can introduce later nuances, video in hand … The images show said wording. And based on it, the subsequent sanction. Is it so difficult to correct this concatenation of errors acting from the beginning, in the writing that occurs in the referee’s dressing room?

The images, I insist, speak for themselves. Provocation of the clear granota, brownish of ours, too. But disproportionate strength is nowhere to be found: There is no disproportionate use of force on the part of the ondarrutarra. We would talk about something else; the slight slap that he tipped does not even make the granota blink.

Can anyone imagine that if the person involved were the captain of Real Madrid, the referee would write the same and there would be a penalty of 4 games? Very naive to think that it would be so; incidentally, it would lead to repercussions and media lynching from aúpa to braid and Committee. If justice is not the same for everyone, it is not fair. In this case, it has not been.

That said, and this is specifically directed at Iñigo Martínez: a guy with your quality and football experience cannot fall for these provocations as if he were a youth. Your importance in the team is vital, and more so in this type of duels. With a final at stake, you are expected and required trade, stripes and cold blood. It cannot happen again.

If nothing goes wrong, here in seven days.