This Monday, elections to the General Assembly that will vote for the re-election of Luis Rubiales

The Real spanish soccer federation will elect this Monday the 140 members of its General Assembly, who will be responsible for voting, on September 21, in the elections to the presidency of this body. Some elections, those of 21-S, which will culminate, except for surprise, in the reelection of Luis Rubiales as head of Spanish football for the next four years.

The General Assembly of the RFEF make it up the president of the Federation, the 19 top leaders of the Territories, 20 clubs assigned to professional competitions (First and Second Division), 29 clubs assigned to non-professional competitions, 13 footballers assigned to professional competitions, 18 footballers assigned to non-professional competitions, 4 referees from professional competitions, 7 from non-professional competitions, 6 professional coaches, 10 non-professional coaches, 5 futsal clubs, 4 futsal players, 1 referee and 2 futsal coaches and finally, the general secretary.

Of these 140 members, the first 20 (president of the Federation and the 19 leaders of the Territories) are born members of the Assembly, while the remaining 120 are elected, which are the ones who will be elected in the vote on Monday.

The annulment of CAS

The electoral process that should end the day September 21st It started on June 10, with the announcement of the elections by the Board of Directors of the Spanish Federation. At that time the call was made for August 17, that is, for last Monday.

However the Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) annulled said call in response to the complaint presented by various clubs and seconded by the Madrid Federation for matters of competence and related to the electoral calendar, which forced to reformulate the path until the elections of 21-S.