This Joventut is capable of winning away (77-84)

He Joventut failed to win an away game in Eurocup last season and in the first trip of this he has broken that streak. The visit to the JL track Bourg French has been taken advantage of by Carles’ men Last to reaffirm their options and show that this is a very different team.

With a recital of criteria and scoring in the third quarter, Penya beat the French team (77-84) to fight for the leadership of the group. If he manages to repeat success next week on the court at Turkish Bahcesejir, he will have almost set foot in the Top16.

Before Tomic, with 18 points and 7 rebounds, was the constant benchmark of the Badalonese, who also had a good contribution from Ribas (16), Brodziansky (14), Birgander (12 and Dimitrijevic (9).

Two strong sets marked the start of the match: an 8-0 for him Bourg and a response of 0-9 from Joventut, which took time to find balls within the area and did not start fluently. The triples did not enter and Bassas committed two personals very soon but Tomic began to be intoned and the entrance to the Dimitrijevic gave more gunpowder in attack.

Despite that, the advantages were for the French during the rest of the first quarter until 21-17 at the end of it. Birgander, the most valued in this phase of the game, also had an impact under the hoops to support the team in the rival hit streaks but the dynamics of the crash did not change until some triples enteredDimitrijevic Y Brodziansky) to give advantage to Joventut at rest (38-42).

The best minutes of the Penya were yet to come and were glimpsed from the beginning of the third quarter, with decisive actions of Ribas, Tomic Y Brodziansky to break the game until 44-58. Some green-black defensive balance problems allowed the Bourg trim with actions of Andjusic (49-58) although without continuity. Just missing a streak of genius from Neno Dimitrijevic with alley oops for Morgan Y Birgander to close the period with 51-69 and increase income to 51-72 after a triple of Morgan at the beginning of the last quarter.

With those differences, to the Penya He still had to close the game, something that took a moment of misjudgment in the shot, even free-kick, and some scoring streak of Andjusic Y Scrubb. A triple by the latter came to reduce to four (75-79) with 1:32 left but the control of the rebound allowed the Badalonese to emerge with their goal.

[+] See the summary with the best plays of the game:

JL BOURG: Wright 9, Peacock 5, Scrubb 15, Omic 6, Andjusic 18; Allen 7, Courby 6, Asceric 2, Pelos 9, Daval-Braquet.

JOVENTUT: Ribas 16, Brodziansky 14, Ventura 3, Bassas, Tomic 18; Dimitrijevic 9, Morgan 8, Zagars, Birgander 12, Parra 4.

PARTIALS: 21-17, 17-25, 13-27, 26-15.