This is why Heidi Klum has sued her father

Heidi klum has started a legal battle against his own father, Gunther klum. Specifically, the model has filed a lawsuit against her father for having registered the name of his eldest daughter, Leni, as a trademark in the European Union. Something that he has also done with him Nickname that he has his granddaughter within the closest circle, ‘Mausekatze’, which would be translated as ‘cat mouse’.

This is a measure that could harm the young woman’s professional future. And is that Leni Klum, from 17 years, is following in the footsteps of his mother in the world of fashion and it has even already been magazine cover.

Model Heidi Klum with her eldest daughter, Leni Klum.

Gunther Klum could face a fine of 250,000 euros or six months in jail

It is for this reason that the also German presenter has taken legal action. If it is shown that the father’s performance would be damaging the image of his granddaughter, he could face a fine of 250,000 euros or a sentence of up to six months in prison.

Undoubtedly, this situation will affect the already deteriorated relationship between father and daughter. A relationship that was no longer going well when Heidi Klum decided to go down the aisle, in 2019, with Tom kaulitz, member of the German music band Tokio Hotel.