This is Verdasco’s surprising response to a question about Tamara Falcó’s boyfriend

Fernando Verdasco and Ana Boyer They went out to dinner with some friends in the center of Madrid and were ‘caught’ by some means of the heart, who did not hesitate to ask them about the new boyfriend of Tamara Falco, the car designer Iñigo Onieva.

To the reporter’s surprise, the tennis player, who is used to being very discreet before the microphones, did not hesitate to declare with laughter that he met his brother-in-law “a long time ago.” “We’re all fine. I approve, of course I do, “he added at the insistence of the journalist.

When asked about whether Tamara and Iñigo have plans to get married or have children in the near future, Verdasco it was forceful. “Ask them that,” transmitted the elite athlete.

It is clear that the relationship between this new couple is going from strength to strength. Evidence of this is that recently the Marchioness of Griñón, a title that the daughter of Isabel preysler inherited after the death of his father Carlos Falco, published the first photo with his partner on social networks.

The ‘post’ of Tamara It did not take long to sweep through his more than 1 million followers, accumulating 49 thousand “likes” and hundreds of comments.