This is the new fine of the DGT for using the mobile in the car even if it is not carried in the hand

The Minister council approved on March 16 a bill that it will aggravate sanctions such as the use of mobile phones while driving o o The misuse of security features, with the aim of halving the number of deaths and serious injuries by 2030 and moving towards a figure close to zero by 2050.

So the bill contemplates the increase of 3 to 6 points of the card for having the mobile in hand while driving, the same points that are lost for reckless driving. What’s more, maintains the fine of 200 euros and 3 penalty points, if the offender uses the device but he does not have it in hand.

On the other hand, this bill presented by the Council of Ministers will toughen other rules: Failure to use a seat belt, helmet, child restraint systems or other protective elements will be penalized with 4 points of the driving license.

In addition, it eliminates the possibility that cars and motorcycles may exceed the maximum speed limit by 20 km / h to overtake on conventional roads.

This bill could be approved before July of this same year, as said the president of the Commission of Road Safety and Sustainable Mobility of the congress, Juan José Matarí.