This is the Louis Vuitton airplane bag that costs more than a real one

The fashion company Louis Vuitton has surprised with the design of an article as part of the Autumn-Winter 2021 collection. The international firm presented a new bag that is shaped like a military plane Y it costs $ 39,000 (32,000 euros), more than some used planes.

Designed by the artistic director of menswear Virgil abloh, the bag has caused a sensation on social networks for its particular shape decorated with the style of the brand, in addition to the high price of the exclusive item.

Some users of social networks have done the exercise of find real prices of single-engine aircraft, some of which are less expensive than the Louis Vuitton bag itself.

What’s more, a Twitter user posted a tweet showing a screenshot of a used single-engine Cessna plane that sells for $ 32,300 on Ebay. In short, at a lower price than the bag.