This is the fight for the Champions League in the Premier and Serie A

The last day of the major leagues arrives this Sunday and both in the Premier and in Serie A the fight to go to the Champions League is as exciting as it is exciting.

In Serie A, after winning 9 consecutive ‘scudetti’, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus, who on Wednesday won the Coppa Italia against Atalanta (1-2) and who has been dethroned by Inter in the championship, finds that His participation in the Champions is not guaranteed. If he does not get his place, it would be the first time that Juve has not played this European competition since 2011-12. In the Premier League, Liverpool has managed to come back after its great crisis and caresses its place in the Champions League, which it must secure at Anfield against Crystal Palace, which it defeated 7-0 in December.

This is the situation in Serie A

With a guaranteed place in the Champions League:

Inter (champion, 88 points)

Atalanta (78, for his best particular goalaverage compared to Juventus)

Two places to which 3 teams choose:

Milan (76 points, with a favorable goalaverage compared to Napoli)

Naples (76 points)

Juventus (75 points)

* If Milan beat Atalanta and Naples, Verona, Juventus (who visit Bologna) will not go to the Champions League, but to the Europa League

* If Milan and Naples lose and Juve draw, they will end up tied at 76 points and the Turinese would be fifth for their goalaverage compared to their two rivals and their lower goal difference compared to Gennaro Gattuso unless the Neapolitans lost by one 10 goal difference

This is the situation in the Premier

With a guaranteed place in the Champions League:

Manchester City (champion, 83 points)

Manchester United (71)

Two places available to 3 teams

Chelsea (67 points)

Liverpool (66)

Leicester (66)

* If Liverpool beat Crystal Palace at an Anfield with an audience, except for a huge surprise they will go to the Champions League even if Leicester beat Tottenham because the ‘reds’ surpass the Foxes 24 to 20 in general goal difference

* Chelsea visits Aston Villa and depends on themselves: if they win, they go to the Champions League (whose 2020-21 final is played on the 29th against Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City) but if they lose or draw they can be left out if Liverpool and Leicester win