This is the Aston Martin of Vettel and Stroll for 2021

Aston martin presented this Wednesday the new AMR21, the car with which Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll they want to fight for podiums, and as expected, green is the main protagonist of the decoration of a racing car that has great aspirations for this course.

The first thing that can be seen of the new car is a rounded and flattened nose in the purest Mercedes style, something that only confirms that the group (former Racing Point), will continue its attempt to progress on the grid through its alliance with the Signature of the star, of which he is an engine client, in addition to having one of the partners of the English firm in the current Mercedes team leader.

For the first time in 60 years, Aston Martin returns to Formula 1 hand in hand with Lawrence Stroll, putting the name of the mythical British brand to the structure of Racing Point (formerly Force India). It does so by almost completely eliminating the color of the car that last year was known as “the pink Mercedes”, due to the number of parts traced to the Mercedes from the previous season, something that made it take a huge leap in quality on the grid. F1 and that in turn, cost him a point penalty for using the same brake lines as Mercedes. Sponsor BWT’s pink will only appear in a few thin lines on the front wing and another on the side of the car. However, the Mercedes sister car concept must continue.

Last year, despite the great similarities between Racing Point and the Mercedes of the previous year, the FIA ​​could not prove that the pink formation had bought parts or blueprints of parts of the car with which it would have violated the regulations, and thus, Aston Martin was constantly leading the middle zone. Finally, they were fourth in the Constructors’ World Cup due to their point penalty, but it was clear that on track they were the third best car. They showed their strength especially at the end of the course, with a Checo Pérez who conquered a podium in Turkey and managed to win in the Sakhir GP and a Stroll that achieved two podiums (Italy and Sakhir).

This year, the FIA ​​has increased the number of ‘listed parts’ that each team is required to design from scratch and this makes it difficult for Aston Martin to repeat the play 100%, but what seems certain is that it will be done with all as many pieces as possible from the 2020 Mercedes, something that, as Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto pointed out, will make the green team progress more than the rest of its rivals.

According to the regulations of this course, a large part of last year’s car cannot be modified and teams can only use two tokens to develop the parts they want, in addition to being able to freely develop other elements such as the unit of power, cooling systems, suspension and all aerodynamic surfaces. In this way, inheriting the allowed parts of the 2020 Mercedes, Aston Martin will have to take another step forward, and the rest of its possible performance improvement will depend on having hit the key with the correct spending of the two ‘tokens’ allowed for development and how much the self-improvement parts have improved.