This is Pom Klementieff, the reason for the crisis between Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky?

The rumor appeared last week but has been fueled by images that show a rather affectionate attitude. The crisis that several Australian media assure that Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth are experiencing, who have three children in common (India Rose, 9, and the twins Tristan and Sasha, 6), it would respond to a specific name and surname: Pom Klementieff.

According to the press at the other end of the globe, after more than twelve years of love with the 44-year-old interpreter from Madrid, the actor would now have an affair with his co-star in the new (and fourth) film Thor: Love and Thunder, since Pom Klementieff is well known to fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since he appeared embodying Mantis in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

The bomb has exploded after the publication by Woman’s Day, an Australian publication, of some photographs in which Chris is observed quite affectionate with Pom, although it is true that those glances and complicit smiles do not clarify at all the question of if there is or has been something else between them.

“They were chatting for a while and were not aware that people were going to be looking at them with a magnifying glass. Chris is super friendly with everyone he works with, although it does not go unnoticed that precisely Pom has a certain resemblance to Elsa. There’s always that kind of gossip on set. “ An anonymous source has commented to the publication.

Pom Klementieff is a 34-year-old French actress, although she was born in Quebec in 1986, but for diplomatic reasons she does not have Canadian nationality. His mother is of Korean origin and his father is French-Russian. In fact, he did not stay long in North America, for by the work of his father, who was consul of the French government, he continually changed residence.

This made Pom, named because its pronunciation is similar to the Korean words “spring” and “tiger”, to live in countries such as Japan or the Ivory Coast until he finally settled in France, after the death of his father. (who died when he was 5 years old) and his mother’s schizophrenia, which prevented him from caring for her.

This made her uncle who was in charge of her education, who passed away when she was 18 years old, as well as his older brother, Namou, who 7 years later would commit suicide. Between these tragedies, and the fact that she was not happy studying at law school (in addition to being a waitress and a saleswoman in a store), acting was her escape route, although she has also worked as a model.

He started acting at age 19 at the Cours Florent theater school in Paris and a few months later he won a theatrical competition that allowed him to obtain a scholarship to continue his dramatic studies, efforts that were rewarded in his first role.

It was in 2007 when it was released. The film was titled Après lui Y in it she played Catherine Deneuve’s stepdaughter. He chained several roles in French cinema, such as in the adaptation of the novel The delicacy, by Foenkinos, until he was able to make the leap to Hollywood with Spike Lee and his remake of Oldboy in 2013.

After that, she was already recruited by James Gunn for the Marvel universe and since then her career has only grown, participating in the series Black mirror Y Westworld, in the multi-award winning film Rough diamonds and being booked for the seventh and eighth installments of the saga Mission Impossible.

It was especially in the Avengers movies and in the current filming of the fourth installment of Thor, as well as in the promotions of the film where he has spent the most time with Chris Hemsworth, who is united by an enormous fascination for sport, his passion for the sea and his love for animals, as can be seen on his Instagram, where he has almost a million and a half followers.

This alleged affair between the two interpreters would not also be the first crisis that he and Elsa Pataky have, who on more than one occasion has declared that it is difficult to combine family life with her husband’s marvelitas chores in Hollywood, as well as coinciding with the recent purchase by the Spanish actress of a 60-square-meter apartment in Chamberí, a neighborhood of Madrid, which she intends to annex, as the old porters’ home, to the apartment she already owns in the same building.