This is Mercadona’s chocolate that is ‘not fattening’ and that is all the rage

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like him chocolate. A food that is a pleasure and an eternal whim. The problem is that chocolate contains a large amount of fat and calories, and in excess it is not part of any healthy diet. In addition, the vast majority of chocolate bars have large amounts of sugar and milk, which make it even more caloric.

However, yes, it is possible to find and consume chocolate in a healthy way. Mercadona is rowing in that direction and has launched a chocolate, without additives, and which is healthy.

The Juan Roig supermarket chain has set its goal to reduce this caloric load in chocolate bars. In this case, a chocolate with a percentage of 99% cocoa and with a lot of prominence.

Chocolate with a percentage of 99% cocoa

The strength of dark chocolate has become more and more popular in recent years. First, the tablets with cocoa percentages of 50% and 60% began to come out, and later other percentages of cocoa of 70% and 85% were added, which were a success.

And it is that the change in mentality of many consumers has caused companies like Mercadona to bet on focusing on the original ingredient, removing the additives, which is simply cocoa.

Pure cocoa

Pure cocoa

The chocolate bar in question it has been a bestseller, coming to sell a whopping 8,000 units daily and with it, conquering a passionate community for this chocolate.