This is how Victoria Beckham reacts to this curious gift from Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has achieved what was unthinkable a while ago: that sneakers Crocs become a fashion accessory, instead of just being a comfortable but not stylish option. Your edition of this lilac-toned shoe swept since its launch And now it is quite difficult to get it on the Internet. As well, Victoria Beckham could be considered a “privileged” having received a pair of these defendant Crocs at home. However, their reaction before this present has left the whole world speechless.

The fashion designer decided to share with her more than 28.9 million followers from Instagram a photograph in ‘stories’ of the gift sent by the Canadian artist. A bet without a doubt very far from the tastes of the woman of David beckham. “There are many who have asked me about what I intend to wear when the confinement is over. What do you think of this suggestion from Justin Bieber?”, The businesswoman asked her fans.

Victoria Beckham: “This made me laugh”

The former Spice Girl then took a closer look at the shoes so that the design could be appreciated. Of course, he quickly confessed that they are not his style at all. “I have never used a pair of Crocs. This made me laugh, I mean, the idea is what counts. Thank you”, He commented humorously.

In addition, the businesswoman decided open a survey so that his followers would respond with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ to the following question: “Will I wear purple Crocs ?!”. Although she claimed to be willing to wear the Crocs if her fans asked her, they showed get to know the designer well and they opted for ‘no’.

This is how Victoria Beckham reacts to this curious gift from Justin Bieber.