This is how the Wags of football celebrated Mother’s Day

Every year, the first Sunday of the month of May is a very special day since the Mother’s Day. That is why many ‘wags‘Of football resort to social networks to share it with their numerous’ followers’.

“The really important. That is the phase that has been unlocked in the video game of my life. Being a mother has multiplied my empathy, my prudence and so many other things … But, above all, my capacity to love (before I thought it was infinite … How wrong I was) ”, she started Sara salamo. “It has also made me idolize my mother more. And my grandmother. And, in general, the figure of women. Congratulations to all of you. Although especially mine, which is the best in the world ”.

For its part, Edurne He has taken the opportunity to show the first photograph of his daughter’s face. “My little Yanay, it has been almost 2 months since you came into my life to revolutionize it !! Thank you for making me so happy, thank you for making me my baby mom !! ”, she wrote next to her.

Tamara Beanie also has published a letter to his mother. “Wanting to be like you is a reality, becoming so will be impossible, because you are perfect. But I have the most valuable thing, your teaching. I cannot describe you as a mother, it would never end, you gather everything a child needs to grow up happy and with values. Thank you therefore, for not letting go of my hand and guiding me along that unknown, daring and valuable path, life, “he wrote.

Sergi Roberto has surprised Coral Simanovich with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. “Thank you my love! I love you so much @sergiroberto. Happy Mother’s Day for me ”, the Israeli model has written along with the snapshots.