This is how the semifinals of LaLiga Promises remain

The XXX edition of the LaLiga Promises Santander Tournament, which is being disputed in the Pamesa Cerámica Sports City, will live this Sunday his fight for the title, and in it is the alevín del Barça. The Barça generation born in 2009, at the hands of the coach Jordi Pérez Trujillo, He fulfilled this Saturday with the vitola that marks him as one of the great favorites to win the scepter. In the morning he got rid of Huesca in the second round, with greater comfort than that reflected by the final score of 2-1, and in the afternoon he beat the Athletic in the quarterfinals, in a game decided in the penalty shootout after the 0-0 in regulation time. The Barça dominated and carried the weight of the game, but the Athletic, through Enzo, had the triumph close to crashing a ball into the wood. Already on penalties, and stopping Gerard Valls the launched by Aaron Ramos, the insistence of Barça she was awarded the ticket for the next round.

For all the comments, this Sunday (10.00 am) will be measured at Betis (who won 2-0 in the quarterfinals against the hitherto undefeated Valencia) in the semifinals with the hope of reaching the grand final, which will take place this Sunday at 1:00 p.m.

Faithful to the style of play typical of the Barça quarry, growing through the ball and with an offensive mentality, the Barça has been the most attractive team in the championship, with the Michal zuk (number 10), Siriki kone (two), Raúl Exposito (4), David obinna (9) and company inviting to remember their names for a future in which they promise to give a lot to talk about.

Madrid, eliminated

As for the second semifinal (11.00), they will play it Seville Y Celtic. The Seville team eliminated Villarreal in the second round (1-0) and at Real Madrid in the quarterfinal penalty shootout after 0-0 during the match, and the Celtic got rid of I raised (3-0) and Spanish (1-0). It should be noted that in the celestial table there is Bryan Bugarin (number 10), scorer of the goal that put his team in the ‘semis’ and one of the most outstanding footballers among the more than 200 that have been seen these days on the lawn of the Pamesa Cerámica Sports City. Therefore, firm candidate to become the ‘MVP’ of the tournament together with the aforementioned Michal zuk of Barça.