This is how Sainz was before his official debut with Ferrari

Possibly, it was not the best time to be in a press room answering journalists’ questions. In just a few minutes he had to get on his Ferrari SF21 to start their preseason tests of Formula 1 in Bahrain, with the aggravating circumstance that it had to be done with a strong wind that had turned the track into a sandy field, with less visibility than normal. Yet there he was, holding back the excitement for his official debut dressed in red. “I feel good. I am a little impatient, I will not lie ”, assured Carlos Sainz before making one of the moments for which he has been working a lifetime come true, and especially during the last months of intense preparation with multiple meetings of many hours with the engineers and two tests carried out with old cars, that of Fiorano in January with the 2018 Ferrari, and a few weeks ago, in Jerez with a 2019 Ferrari but with the wheels of 2022, in addition to having rolled on Thursday, a day before this official debut, with his new car on ‘filming day’ taking 10 laps in Sakhir. “I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Yesterday we did the filming day, but with the prototype tires. And we have done tests with old cars, but today is the day I have been working on the simulator, for which I have been preparing with the engineers to get here as ready as possible “, he expressed.

After the press conference, he would have to roll tirelessly to get attached to the car and make the most of the few days of testing he has before giving full throttle in the first race of the year on March 28 on this same track. Bahrain. “The conditions are difficult for the first day, because the wind is very strong and there is some dust on the track and it will not be an easy day, but I have to do the work planned and complete the work program”.

Sainz, with Leclerc in Bahrain

Before, however, he had to review what he expects from this start of the campaign with the ‘Prancing Horse’ stamped on the chest. “There are still a lot of things I have to learn from this year’s car and probably after the day and a half that I will have, maybe I will continue on the learning curve in the first few races. So we’ll see, but they were certainly useful. ”

In this sense, he highlighted how “useful” it was to be able to carry out two previous tests with Ferraris from previous campaigns. “I think the test with the SF71-H (the one from 2018) was very useful and I thank Ferrari because I could do that test to get here feeling a little more secure than without having done those tests. But I also think that the cars have changed a lot since 2018, “he said.

You have already received the first dose of the vaccine

The Spaniard also assured that he decided to accept the offer of Bahrain to all the members of the F1 paddock to receive the coronavirus vaccine, something logical considering that there are 23 Grands Prix ahead of them around the world. “The same as‘ Checo ’(Pérez, who also said he had accepted the vaccine), I have also used it. I think it is a great opportunity and obviously I am grateful to the government of Bahrain for offering it to so many people who travel the world. Yes, I am happy ”.

Want to be champion

In addition, he referred to the phrase that appeared in all the headlines after the presentation of the Ferrari team weeks ago, in which he assured that “in 5 years I want to be F1 world champion.”

“I think it was misinterpreted. Charles asked me, “What do you want to be in five years?” And my answer was: ‘What do I want? I want to be a champion. ‘ But it is a very obvious answer for every F1 driver. It was misinterpreted, as if I did not want to be a champion in these five years “, he qualified.

“I wish that five years from now I will be champion, but I know that it will be a difficult challenge, that there is a lot of competition in F1 right now and I personally believe that I am in the right place. I want to have stability at Ferrari and the first two months have been very good. I have found that stability and I feel very comfortable. We’ll see how it goes, but I really want to”, ended.

Carlos Sainz, in the 2021 F1 test with Ferrari in Bahrain
Carlos Sainz, in the 2021 F1 test with Ferrari in Bahrain