This is how Paz Padilla defends herself from criticism for traveling to Zahara de los Atunes

It has been one of the most talked about topics during this Holy Week. Several celebrities have skipped the perimeter closure rules imposed to stop the covid pandemic. one of them has been Paz Padilla, who has received numerous criticisms.

It has been the presenter herself who has wanted to face the accusations to justify her escape. The actress, comedian and presenter has defended herself after being accused on social networks by many users of having skipped the perimeter closure to travel to Zahara de los Atunes, in Cadiz.

In a series of messages posted on their Instagram Stories, Padilla has stressed that the displacement has been for work reasons, due to the opening of his clothing store in said Cadiz town.

“I want to say that I am a businesswoman, that I have a store called No Ni Ná Zahara, which opens at Easter. Starting this weekend, it will be open all summer, ”the presenter of Sálvame began by explaining.

As he has recognized on the social network, “I have to hire people, I can’t do it remotely. Last week I was working in Madrid and next week I will also be in Save me, and I’m also going to present my book … It was impossible for me, I can’t have workers without legal contracts. That is why I have come ”, he defended.

The comedian, who has recently overcome the coronavirus, has also taken advantage of the fact that her family was there to enjoy her company.

“I am lucky that my brothers are here. It is true that I was admitted to Madrid, confined, and my brothers wanted to see me. I can not give more explanations because there are none “, has concluded Padilla.