This is how Matilda has changed 24 years after the premiere of the film

What child born in the nineties did not marvel at the superpowers of Matilda? The film, based on a Roald Dahl novel, was a symbol of childhood at that time and is about the life and adventures of a girl (a character starring Mara Wilson) who develops psychokinetic skills and uses it to take revenge on a very particular family and its evil school principal. In the eyes of the millions of children who watched the film, Matilda was the girl who did magic and moved objects with the mind; a really fascinating character for the time. The film became a true box office hit grossing 33 million dollars only in the United States during its first weekend of release.

What happened to Mara 25 years later?

Mara Wilson After working on this successful film, she also acted in others such as Mrs. Doubtfire, alongside Robin Williams and Miracle on 34th Street. However, the one who could have been a Hollywood prodigy, decided to stay away from the cameras to be a ‘normal’ girl and the public lost track of her.

Despite staying away from cameras, she has continued to work in the art world as a writer, publishing books such as “Where I am now? True stories of accidental fame in childhood ”. In this work he tells us in first person his experiences within the filming sets while filming Matilda, as well as his fears, insecurities and everything that involved a promising film career at such a young age.

The fame generated and its media exposure were the reasons why he left the world of acting, as he relates in the book: “I generally had good experiences in Hollywood. That changed a bit as I got older, but the worst things that happened happened through the media or by people who considered themselves fanatics but made me uncomfortable. Public perception messes people up… Receiving letters from disturbing older men who were my admirers when I was a child, that confuses you, ”she told Yahoo Movies.

His reappearance on social networks

Mara Wilson celebrates her 33rd birthday.

In recent days, the no longer little Matilda, has reappeared almost 25 years after the premiere of that mythical film. The 33-year-old girl uploaded a photo to ‘Instagram’ precisely celebrating her birthday. In it he wrote: “Thirty-three. Thanks for the birthday greetings, ”he wrote. Great news for all the children who grew up marveling at their adventures.