This is how Kevin Durant and Isaiah Thomas react to Messi’s salary: ‘Crazy’

NBA players do not bite their tongues when it comes to assessing the high salaries of footballers. And it is that although there are sports that move millions of euros, it is clear that football is one of the best paid among world stars. That is why two cracks like Kevin Durant and Isaiah Thomas have spoken openly about the salary of Leo Messi at Barça.

The Argentine footballer has become free after ending his contract with the Catalan club on June 30 and one of the most talked about issues is what the Argentine has received in these years.

And is that Messi has earned 568 million euros gross thanks to the contract he has had for the last four years, a figure discussed among the stars of the NBA on their social networks.

“Crazy”, has been the comment of Kevin Durant on social media after reading the amount you have received Leo Messi these last few years. The star of the Brookly nets has shared a story about the salary of the ’10’, and shortly afterwards so did Isaiah Thomas, player of the New Orleans Pelicans: “Oh my God! I have to point my children to soccer ”.