This is how elimination was seen in Europe: ‘Atlético didn’t even save face’

Atlético de Madrid
could not achieve the comeback against him Chelsea, in the round of the last 16 of the Champions League. The mattress team was inferior to its English rival, both in the first leg and in the return leg. He failed to score a single goal in two games.

Without a doubt, a frustrating performance that has been picked up by the media around the world, to praise the Chelsea and to feel a certain uneasiness about what was shown by the rojiblancos.

L’EQUIPE: “Too well organized for Atlético”

“Already victorious in the first leg, Chelsea beat the Athletic thanks to Ziyech Y Emerson, and logically went to the quarterfinals for the first time since 2014 “, highlighted the French newspaper that pointed out that the English team was” too well organized “for the Athletic whom he “almost left without opportunities.”

In addition, the French newspaper has dedicated a report on the slump of the Athletic. “Touch, prevention, pressure, the three phases lost by the Athletic before him Chelsea“Said the media that added that the mattress team” was very far “from what was shown in Anfield a year ago. “The Chelsea of Thomas tuchel he did not let the Madrilenians breathe to win again in the second leg (2-0) and validate their place in the quarterfinals ”, he added.

OLÉ: “The Champions League, an impossible mission for Simeone”

The Argentine newspaper reports the elimination of the Athletic in several pieces. In one of them he reviews the restlessness of the rojiblanco team in this tournament and affirms that “the Champions it’s an impossible mission for Simeone”. “It is the eighth edition that Cholo has directed. And although he reached the final twice (2014 and 2016), he leaves with another disappointment. It will be time to put all the cannons in The League and defend with the knife between the teeth the attacks of Barcelona Y Real Madrid, which date to date they have been deducting points ”, writes the South American newspaper.

THE SUN: “A Chelsea so serious as to surpass the infamous Atlético”

The newspaper The Sun highlights the seriousness of Chelsea to overcome “the infamous and tough leaders of The league”. “The true heroes of this victory were Antonio Rudiger Y N’Golo Kante. Rudiger successfully handcuffed Luis Suarez, the man he had described as a ‘headache’ in a pre-match interview. And Kante, back to his best title in Leicester, faced a midfielder duo as formidable as Koke Y Saul
Niguez “.

DAILY MAIL: “Atlético knew what they had to do and couldn’t”

“It was impressive. Not only because Chelsea won again with those of Thomas
Tuchel without conceding a goal, but for the quality of the rival. The RB Leipzig and the Borussia Moenchengladbach they seemed normal and much inferior to the main club of Germany, the Bayern Munich. However the Athletic
Madrid is the leader of The league. A cursed and complicated team in Europe, which eliminated Liverpool in Anfield Last season. The Athletic He knows how to make things difficult, how to frustrate, how to win you over. But in the end London was messy Savic he was expelled by an elbow, Suárez replaced half an hour to go … ”, says the newspaper.

Which continues: “The day the draw was made, the elimination was almost presumed, but the Chelsea changed coach. (…) This was arguably a more impressive victory than the first leg. (…) The Athletic He came in knowing exactly what he had to do. However, he was unable to do so. He couldn’t find a way to get through the opponent, I couldn’t even make a shot for long periods. ”

“The goal that left the Atlético de Madrid with an uphill path to oblivion, it actually came from one of his faults in favor. Taking into account how teams play Diego
Simeone They often play in Europe with these plays, it was a delicious irony to see them beaten so masterfully in the counterattack, ”the media ironized.

GAZZETA DELLO SPORT: “Too little for Atleti to save face”

“Too unathletic for a Chelsea as sure and ruthless and solid as a block of marble. For the colchoneros there was nothing to do after the 1-0 harvested in the first leg with a goal from GiroudBecause the ‘Blues’ controlled the second leg ball with personality from start to finish. (…) Madrileños, on the other hand, paid for the disastrous performances of key men such as Suarez Y Joao Felix, surrendering to the clear superiority of his rivals. (…) In the end the ‘Blues‘They finished with more than three times the number of passes completed compared to the Spaniards, with a possession of more than 65% and a much higher number of shots (13) against the only three attempts by the colchoneros throughout the evening, all with Joao
Felix. Too little even to save face, “says the Italian media.

EL PAÍS: “The ball condemns Atlético”

“The Chelsea He prevails again both in the game and on the scoreboard to those of Simeone (2-0), denied in the pass and unable to disturb his rival during almost the entire match. (…) Soccer has clear logic. The one who best plays with the ball usually wins. And it is not a question of who has it or touches it more. It’s a question of who has the best time. And in that the Chelsea has been superior in Bucharest and in London. For being more worked for it, for knowing how to wait for their moments to beat Oblak. There is no hit to the pass to the quarterfinals of the London team. Yes there are for him Athletic, rickety and reserved in the first leg, rude in the passes in the return to feed any hope of passing ”.

EL MUNDO: “The comeback was only a dream”

“The comeback was only a dream: the Athletic it is also lost in London. It also falls on the turn in Stamford Bridge, where he barely showed any arguments to come back. Ziyech Y EmersonIn the end, they signed the sentence. Suarez, surprised, he left on time. (…) To cross a bridge in Europe just wanting it is not enough. You have to show that you know how to do it. At no time did he Athletic in Stamford Bridge. The comeback was just a dream. The Chelsea never flinched and brought down the leader of the League, who no longer have any more worries than those he has at home. The Champions keep giving way to Simeone. Perhaps it is not enough just to insist ”.

MARCA: “Atlético can now focus on what they are doing lately, which is losing the league.”

“The Athletic Now he can focus on what he’s been up to lately, which is losing the league. If it is a disaster, let it be at least splendid. But also in winning it, who knows with these guys. (…) The Champions, which a while ago at least let himself be loved, now dispatches it without regard. God save the Queen. (…) Beyond a beginning as apparent as it was ephemeral, it did not last ten minutes, the truth is that the rojiblanco box was exhibiting each of its current shortcomings, which are not few “.