This is how De Paul messed it up with his future partner Lodi

The party that was the title of the America Cup for the Argentine team he had in Rodrigo De Paul, signing of
Atlético de Madri
, a key player for the achievement of the title.

The player of Udinese, whose hiring for the mattress team was agreed weeks ago and that may be official in the next few days, he knows them all. And he has a football intelligence like few others.

One of the reasons why Simeone he insisted so hard on his hiring. He is a great player from what has been seen in the American tournament.

The fact is that in the end, the very final was decided by a detail in which From
Paul it was key. His soccer cleverness was essential to know where to hurt his rival. Even if that meant putting a future companion at the horse’s feet in the Atlético de Madrid What Renan
I gave it.

The Argentine detected that the weakness of his rival could come out there as he later explained Say Maria. “TO Rodri (From Paul), had told him before the game that the side of that band (Renan
I gave it) he slept a bit, “said the” Fideo “after the game. Said and done the midfielder who will soon be official by the Athletic found with a millimeter pass, behind the mattress, the space for the player of the PSG score the key goal.

Unfortunately for the Brazilian player, many marked his failure in red. “A gross miscalculation in a closure cost him and the Brazil: appeared in the photo of the goal of Gave
Mary. In fact, the speed of Noodle and he could hardly let go to make the band. Oh, and he also suffered Messi… ”, wrote the newspaper‘Ole‘On the side of the Athletic.