This is how Atlético’s ‘Wags’ celebrated the league title

The Atlético de Madrid received the title of The league, achieved in this 20/21 campaign, in an act that took place yesterday in the Metropolitan Wanda. The relatives of the protagonists were present, who also enjoyed the private party afterwards.

Thanks to the couples of the mattress footballers we have been able to see some of the images of the effusive celebration of the title in which the singer was present Leiva, recognized fan of the group led by Simeone.

One of the highlights of the night was when the musician played the song half signed with Joaquin Sabina, another athletic pro, ‘Match by Match ‘. A theme dedicated to Atlético de Madrid but also to those who are having a hard time right now.

Beatriz Espejel, woman of Jorge Resurrection ‘Koke‘, He did not hesitate to capture the moment and share it through social networks, in which he has more than 123 thousand’ followers’.

On the other hand, the young woman also published in ‘Instagram Stories’ a capture in which she appears alongside the other ‘Wags’ of the team. In the image you can see Sofía Balbi, Leire Rodríguez, Paddy, Ainhoa, Shantal Mayo, Sabrina and Noemie Happart.