This is how Anabel Pantoja looks after losing 8 kilos due to an aesthetic retouch

Anabel Pantoja placeholder image has surprised his more than 1.4 million followers of Instagram with snapshots in which his physical change is evident. In them, the niece of Isabel pantoja show off your new figure after having lost 8 kilos, a change that he has achieved, yes, with an extra help.

And it is that the collaborator of Mediaset has recently undergone surgery to undergo liposuction, an operation that was not easy, as it lasted up to six hours. In fact, although initially the ‘influencer’ should have been logged in for only one day, had to stay in hospital for four days.

Anabel Pantoja undergoes liposuction and shows off her new figure

Now recovered, the niece of the tonadillera now boasts her new image on social networks, where she has shared several poses wearing various sets of pencil skirt and very tight crop top that enhance your renewed figure. Anabel’s fans have not hesitated to compliment her. “Beauty“,”precious“,”you are divine“Or”you are fantastic”Are some of the comments that Internet users have written in the publication.

Anabel Pantoja returns to Telecinco as a defender of her boyfriend Omar, contestant of ‘Survivors 2021’

Anabel Pantoja had been away from the Mediaset spotlight for a few weeks. Now, the collaborator of ‘Save me’Has returned as an advocate for her boyfriend Omar Sanchez, contestant of ‘Survivors 2021‘, A program in which he coexists with contestants such as Tom Brusse and Melyssa Pinto. Thus, the Sevillian has reappeared in the galas of the survival reality show, where she defends her fiancé.

Anabel Pantoja defends her boyfriend Omar Sánchez on the set of ‘Survivors’.

Since the reality show began, Isabel Pantoja’s niece has already said on several occasions that she misses Omar a lot and has not stopped expressing the love she feels for him. “Pride is little what I feel when hearing the opinion of many talking about you and seeing you as a great contestant. Now that you are so far away I assure you that I would have doubled or tripled my kisses. I love you black”Wrote Anabel Pantoja on April 13, on the occasion of the International Kissing Day.