This is Conor McGregor’s extravagant diet for his return to the ring

It is one of the most anticipated matches of the year, which has already been engulfed in enormous anticipation. Conor McGregor will return to the octagon of the UFC on January 23, when he will face Dustin Portier for the second time in his career.

However, things have changed a lot in the eating and training habits of ‘The Notorious‘, who comes into this fight in the best physical shape of his life.

His work plan includes seven days of training a week, as well as a very rigorous diet. Every detail counts to reappear in the best possible shape.

For example, the foods you eat Mcgregor is had are controlled to the millimeter: all of them are classified into proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

The foods that make up the diet of ‘The Notorious’ range from chicken to fish, especially salmon, through beef and eggs. In addition, spices such as basil and oregano abound. His diet consists of up to six meals a day with the idea of ​​building muscle and avoiding fat.

As reported by various American media, an example of a daily diet would be the following:

Breakfast: cereals with eggs and sauteed vegetables.

Morning appetizer: fruit and salad with organic honey.

Lunch: chicken breast with rice and asparagus.

Snack: vanilla smoothie with nut butter.

Dinner: Irish lamb stew with potatoes.

Recena: chocolate shake with organic tea.

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