This is charged by the Barça players compared to their teammates

It’s no secret that women’s soccer player salaries are still light years ahead of their peers. Both at the club and national level, the distance is still abysmal. Now that the women’s Barça has been proclaimed champion of the Champions and it has taken the name of the club to all corners of the planet, it is a good moment to remember how much they charge and how much they charge.

If the comparisons are odious, in this case they are even more so. And is that the Barça Women
ino has a budget of six million euros, actually the highest in the Spanish League, thanks to the sponsorship of Stanle
Y. The Catalans are still not up to the big European budgets like that of the Olympique de Lyon, which is estimated at about ten million annually, or the finalist Chelsea would reach eight. Even so, in Spanish football he is at the top.

Of this budget allocated to the women’s section, about 3.5 to 4 million would go to the salaries of the players. This implies that the average of what each player charges is 150,000 euros per year, although it is clear that not all have the same contract or salary conditions. It should be noted that Barça is the club that pays its players the best, taking into account that the minimum wage, as approved in the collective agreement signed last year, is 16,000 euros per year.

Barça announced through its website a budget of 828 million for the 2020-21 season, most of which is destined for men’s football, although it has obviously been reduced due to the covid pandemic.

It is, therefore, ridiculous figures compared to the millions of euros charged by the cracks of the male squad. Undoubtedly, one of the great pending issues in football is to end this salary gap.

The same happens with the Champions League award. UEFA awards 460,000 euros in prize money to the winning team, in this case Barça, while in the case of the men’s Champions League it could amount to more than 80 million euros, if the champion wins all the group stage matches.