This has been the outcome of the documentary series by Rocío Carrasco

Last March the broadcast of ‘Dew. Tell the truth to stay alive‘, The documentary series in which Rocio Carrasco has told, for the first time in more than two decades, his side of the story. A docuseries that this Wednesday has come to an end with the issuance of Chapter 12, in which Rocío Jurado’s daughter talks about suicide attempt carried out in 2019, from the participation of your daughter in television and how he now faces his future.

The outcome of this docuseries that we have been following for two months has come after Rocío Carrasco reviewed the passage of Rocío Flores by ‘Survivors 2020‘. A part of the episode in which Carrasco has seen for the first time the images of the ‘reality’ in which her daughter, crying, expresses her concern and wishes to be closer to her mother, in addition to the moment in which, from Honduras, congratulates her on her birthday.

It’s not real. Much to my regret, that reaction is not real. When you are here for 7 years is your mother Olga and when you go to ‘Survivors’ your mother is me? He had not known anything for 7 years. 7 years in which he has not had any type of concern, knowing how he was and everything that had happened”, Assures Carrasco about Rocío Flores’s reactions in‘ Survivors ’. “My daughter has never called me to congratulate me on my birthday since she left home,” she makes clear.

“For the people who know and who do not know and who suddenly find this image, they will say ‘she is crazy to see her mother and she is very worried’. It’s not real (…). She went with the instruction to do what she did, knowing that I was not going to do anything publicly. (…) She knew exactly what she had to say and how she had to say it to get what she got: the image of a wonderful and helpless girl”, Carrasco sentenced in the docuserie, although he once again made it clear that he did not blame his daughter for his actions.

Rocío Carrasco in ‘Rocío. Tell the truth to stay alive. ‘

It is then that the end of ‘Rocío has come. Tell the truth to stay alive. ‘ An ending in which Rocío Jurado’s daughter has answered several very significant questions, some related to her future. “Could it be that it’s the first day you put yourself ahead of your kids?”Asks the interviewer. “It is. But I do it when I see that all is lost. Much to my regret. I do not know in the future, but in a distant present everything is lost ”, Carrasco responds, making it clear what his opinion is about the state of his relationship with his children.

Rocío Carrasco does not rule out having children again

After letting off steam in this docuserie, Carrasco assures that she is “stronger” and willing to look ahead. And yes, he does not rule out having children again. “I would have loved to have more children, but I could not have had a normal and calm pregnancy“, starts. “And are you ready now?” Asks the journalist. “I think that having said everything that has already been said and counted everything that has already been told, and having hit rock bottom and realized that life is wonderful (…), I think so”, Answers Rocío Jurado’s daughter.

On the other hand, it ensures that it is getting closer and closer to leaving the depression. “I’m on it. It is not a matter that you get out of overnight. I know that I’ll end up dating and leaving, and I’m very close to leaving. I know it. But there are many people who do not have the capacity, or do not have enough help or do not have enough means to emerge from there. And it seems to me that people talk very freely and with very little respect about a disease that is very screwed up.”, Carrasco sentence in this regard.

Rocío Carrasco in 'Rocío. Tell the truth to stay alive. '

Rocío Carrasco in ‘Rocío. Tell the truth to stay alive. ‘

Rocío Carrasco’s message to Antonio David Flores: “The time he talks about so much has come for him”

Rocío Carrasco does not say goodbye either without dedicating a few words to Antonio David Flores, who for years has repeated the phrase “time puts everyone in their place”. His response, devastating: “I think yours has arrived. It seems to me. That the time that he talks so much about has come for him. And that the one above does not take anything from anyone. And that in one way or another, all the evil that we do here is paid for here. And I think yours has arrived ”.

In addition, he assures that little by little he is stopping feeling fear. “It is gradually taking away from me, Thanks god. He would want me to continue in fear and to continue in my house stuck and without wanting to live (…). But he is not going to achieve it, he has not achieved it, ”he says, apart from making it clear never been alone and that she is now willing to “stop living badly and try to live”.

Rocío Carrasco’s advice to women who are going through the same situation

The daughter of Rocío Jurado has also launched in this last chapter of the documentary series produced by La Fábrica de la Tele a advice to all those women who are going through a situation like the one she has experienced: “Let them not do the same as me. Let them say it. Shout it out. Let them go to the door of whoever belongs. Get it tattooed. Let them say it at minute zero. That they are surely not alone, as I am not ”.