This has been the expected reunion between Sandra Pica and Julen in ‘Survivors’

It has been a reunion in style. Sandra Pica and Julen have met again on the set of ‘Survivors: Honduras Connection‘. The extronist of ‘Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa’ had been identified as the cause of the rupture of Sandra Pica with Tom Brusse. She had denied that it was like that because there are other reasons that have led her to be disappointed in their relationship, but at the same time it has become clear that there is attraction between Sandra and Julen.

The first to enter the set was Julen, who was restless with Jordi González, knowing that moments later he would find himself face to face with Sandra.

The presenter did not hesitate to ask Julen, in front of Sandra, if she attracted him. He responded shyly but with a full-fledged statement: “To me Sandra of course but … I want to tell you that I don’t know if in the future we will have something or we will just be friends. But I am very proud to have been your friend because you have been in a very difficult situation, you have known how to get out and I am going to be here through thick and thin ”. Sandra thanked him for his words as well as the support he has given her these days.

Visit of Sandra Pica to Honduras It was a real revolution. During her stay on the island, she left open a possible window in the future for a reconciliation with Tom, but being very blunt and clear about the situation of her heart at this precise moment, “right now I am single, I have no partner.”

“If he needs an opportunity, after the person I have met here who has seen that he has valued everything I have asked him, then he will have his moment,” she said, among other statements such as “leave the relationship in parentheses” or “I will be the first that I am going to be at home and that I am going to talk to him ”.