This has been the attack of laughter of Marcelo Bielsa in full press conference

It is difficult to see the coach of the Leeds United, Marcelo Bielsa, laugh in your workplace. The Argentine coach tends to take a serious pose both at press conferences and when supervising the team in games and training sessions. However, Bielsa has surprised by suffering a fit of laughter in a meeting with the media Communication.

Specifically, the former footballer was in the middle of a virtual conference prior to the game between Leeds United and the Liverpool from Jurgen Klopp which will be played next Monday April 19th within the framework of day 32 of the Premier League. It was then that a journalist wanted to ask Bielsa a question.

Bielsa, between laughter: “Sorry, I didn’t hear it”

Suddenly the coach he started laughing out loud. The reason? The reporter in question had the microphone muted. “Sorry i didn’t hear it”, Said Bielsa a few seconds after covering his mouth to contain the laugh that he also provoked in his translator Andres Clavijo. And it is that although the technician of the English team already understands the language and even pronounces some words, he still prefers to have an interpreter to communicate better.

This is how Marcelo Bielsa’s fit of laughter has been during the press conference.

Last weekend something similar happened to the Leeds United manager. It happened after his team’s victory against him Manchester City from Pep Guardiola at the Etihad Stadium despite playing the entire second half with one less player. Although the Argentine recognized the superiority of the rival team, he could not help but show his joy at the victory. “We deserved to win, but it was fair that City won“He declared at the subsequent press conference, laughing.