This Betis can with everything

East Real Betis It seems to be touched by the gods since the year 2021 began and, except for Barça, there is no rival that can resist him. This Monday he reached the final half hour of the game with a 0-2 against him. Alaves and he turned it over with astonishing ease. In 61 ‘ Borja Iglesias placeholder image converted a penalty committed on Fekir, in the 82nd minute Joaquin he emulated Santillana to score a superb header goal, just off a corner thrown by Canales, and in 88 ‘Borja again headed in the race a temperate center of Emerson to lead the Verdiblancos to their fourth consecutive victory that makes them look very high and consolidate your European options, because at a distance Villarreal, seventh, in five points and the average.

Alavés made the most of the mistakes made by the Betis to gain a substantial advantage in the first half. They were barely ten minutes, and with a possession close to 80% for Pellegrini’s, when Sidnei’s life got complicated in an easy clearance and ended up committing a foul on Manu García in the half moon, who Joselu transformed into a goal with a howitzer that broke through the barrier, which was clearly opened between Canales and Emerson, leaving Joel Robles completely sold out.

Betis continued to dominate and he was able to achieve the equalization in a double occasion of Miranda and Juanmi (17 ‘), but in the second approach of the Vitorians his second goal also arrived, to head Edgar at pleasure a cross from the left of Duarte after Miranda, his marker, slipped just in time to jump.

Defensive solidity The one that the Verdiblanco team had displayed since the beginning of 2021 – it had only conceded one goal before the break in nine games – was shattered by rude mistakes that the Vitorians exploited to perfection. In attack, Fekir tried anyway, but he found little collaboration in Canales, Ruibal or Juanmi, who enjoyed up to three good shots but did not hit any of them.

After the break, Pellegrini gave entry to Joaquín and Borja Iglesias -In the end the saviors-, but who saved his team from 0-3 was Joel robles, in a sensational heads-up at 54 ‘before Pellistri, that left the portuense behind in a quick counterattack. Fekir, who had tried anyway, finally found a reward for his effort by provoking a penalty that he masterfully transformed Borja Iglesias placeholder image.

That 1-2 was like a wake-up call that gripped the Vitoria and allowed the Verdiblancos, each time with more talent in the field thanks to the changes of Pellegrini and the depth of the campus, fence the goal of Pacheco, to whom first Joaquín and then Borja beat with two superb heads that put the Betis in orbit and leave the slime foxes very touched.

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1 Joel 1 F. Pacheco
22 Emerson 2. 3 Ximo Navarro
2. 3 A. Mandi 5 The guard
12 Sidnei 22 F. Lejeune
33 J. Miranda 3 R. Duarte
twenty-one G. Rodriguez 74 ‘ 37 F. Pellistri 66 ‘
(14 W. Carvalho) (twenty Pere Pons)
18 A. Saved 46 ‘ 19 Manu Garcia
(17 Joaquin) 6 R. Battaglia 66 ‘
24 A. Ruibal 46 ‘ (8 T. Pina)
(9 Borja Iglesias placeholder image) eleven Rioja 86 ‘
8 N. Fekir 90 ‘ (17 I. Cordoba)
(4 Paul) 9 Joselu
10 S. Channels 16 Edgar Mendez 75 ‘
7 Juanmi 74 ‘ (twenty-one M. Aguirregabiria)
(eleven C. Tello)

Goals:(0-1) Joselu (12 ‘), (0-2) Édgar Méndez (24’), (1-2) Borja Iglesias (61 ‘), (2-2) Joaquín (81’), (3-2 ) Borja Iglesias (88 ‘)

Cards:L Édgar Méndez (23 ‘), R. Battaglia (31’), Ximo Navarro (77 ‘)L

Referee: Alberola Rojas (Castilian-Manchego Committee)

Spectators: Behind closed doors at Benito Villamarín

THE BEST The moment of form of Real Betis, who can with everything
WORST Defeats like this do a lot of damage and Alavés can accuse him