Thierry Henry: ‘I no longer recognize Arsenal’

Henry has made it very clear in statements to The Telegraph that, like his fans, he did not like one iota that the Arsenal was one of the English teams that bet to participate in a controversy Super league
European which has finally been left in borage water.

The former French footballer, who lived his best years in the London team (1999-2007), has pointed out that this is not the Arsenal that he perceived when he arrived from Monaco. “I love this club and will love it to death, but I no longer recognize it, he said. What just happened with trying to join a closed league doesn’t make any sense to me. “

And he adds: “I remember when I arrived (in London), I often heard people say ‘this is my second team, if I have to choose one, it’s Arsenal.” And it was thanks to their culture, their history, their class … I don’t listen to that anymore and it hurts me. We need to recover this identity. “