They wait for Luis Suárez in Perugia

Suarez is expected this Thursday in Perugia, where you must take the Italian exam that allows you to obtain the double nationality. This condition is essential to close his signing for Juventus, since it would allow him to join the ‘vecchia signora’ without occupying a position as an extra-community footballer.

The still forward of the FC Barcelona has participated this Thursday in the morning training of the blaugrana team. The Uruguayan should travel, in this way, immediately heading to Perugia to arrive in time to take the exam.

Koeman left open the possibility of Luis continuing at the Camp Nou and being one of the squad

Obtaining the double nationality It is, according to some sources, the great obstacle that the signing of Luis Suárez by Juventus could break, depending on the time required by the process. It is not the only factor that could stop the signing: if in this time Juve manages to get the services of Edin dzeko, Roma forward, the doors of the Turin team would be closed for Suárez.

Ronald KoemanSeeing the turn of events, he left open on Wednesday the possibility that the player will continue at the club despite the fact that it does not fit into his plans, as the coach himself let him know a few weeks ago.

The Dutch coach declared, at the end of the match against him Girona, who has spoken with the striker to explain that in the event that he does not find a way out, he will count on him with absolute normality, as one more player in the squad.