They say that Alexia Rivas would have had something with a footballer “First and well known”

The half-naked walk of Alexia Rivas in full direct from Alfonso Merlos in Javier Negre’s program, he is allowing the truth behind his relationship with the journalist to be uncovered. So much so that ‘Deluxe Saturday’Devoted almost all of his broadcast to address this issue with the exclusive interview with Marta Lopez, the third in discord.

The team of collaborators of the program was breaking down the previous relationships of the journalist of deSocialite’And detailing one by one those guys from the entertainment world with whom Alexia had had something.

Of the names that came out on the table, Jorge Javier, presenter of the program, assured that “there could be a footballer”.

He was not the only present who had received that information. Antonio Rossi, collaborator of the chain, explained that “in January he was about to meet a footballer from the First Division, a top-level team, super well-known. But I am not going to give more details because he is not single.

The journalist made it clear that “I am not going to give more details because he is not single”

Antonio Rossi in 'Sábado Deluxe'
Antonio Rossi in ‘Saturday Deluxe’

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