They reveal who the controversial celebration of Joao Félix was for

Atlético de Madrid
does not want the victory achieved against him Villarreal, in the stadium of The ceramic get mired by one of the issues surrounding the triumph itself.

We mean holding Joao Felix in the second goal of the mattress team, a circumstance that obviously could not go unnoticed because of how it happened.

The Portuguese, who had been a substitute, put his finger to his mouth to silence him as well as making some visibly angry comments. And all, with the aggravation of seeming that he was heading towards the bench of the Athletic.

Of course, coming from where it comes, with questioned performances, some wanted to see in this celebration a reproach towards Diego Pablo Simeone. The rojiblanco coach himself, after the game, said that he likes “that the players rebel” and that he would ask “who was the celebration aimed at.” For his part, the Argentine exploded with joy with the second goal, something that he would support that was not taken for granted.

Renan Lodi’s message to Joao Félix.

But is that in the Atlético de Madrid they go a little further and explain that the atypical celebration was for a colleague. Specifically for Renan lodi, with whom he has a very good relationship.

In this sense, the ‘official’ explanation is that the Brazilian and the Portuguese held an exchange of jokes and piques this week in training, on account of the fact that the Portuguese had not scored for a long time and the lane had not been a starter. Even this week, in which it seemed that the South American international was going to be the game, because Simeone had tried him, he ended up falling from eleven to leave Saul

An explanation that would find support for the message that he himself I gave it hung up hours later on social networks, in which he came to say something like “do not be angry” (because Joao
Felix he seemed to be quite pissed off at the celebration) “said and done” (the re-marking), “we are together” (in their process of getting out of this situation in which they are not so protagonists).