They recover a video of Kiko Hernández insulting Sonia Arenas after her speech against sexist violence

This Sunday, Telecinco returned to the charge with two new installments of the documentary ‘Rocio Carrasco: tell the truth to stay alive. ‘ The image of Rocío Jurado’s daughter returned to the small screen to tell how the end of her relationship with Antonio David Flores was.

Along these lines, Kiko Hernández was one of the collaborators who were on set commenting on the television document. The tertullian of ‘Save me“He did not hesitate to express the displeasure he now feels for the one who until very recently was his partner:” I knew I was going to have a bad time, but I found it very unpleasant. I have told the director that, with this chapter, with the treatment she gives Antonio David to Dew, makes you want to vomit. I have a bad body right now … ”.

Kiko Hernández in ‘Save me’.

“I have to say something else, that I will surely be criticized very much, but I don’t care: I’m glad I’m not a partner of Antonio David Flores”, The television station assured right after.

These words from the Telecinco collaborator did not fall on deaf ears. A famous tweeter who follows the news of the chain recovered a fragment of ‘Martian Chronicles“In which Kiko Hernández appears seriously missing Sonia Arenas, who was his partner in” GH 2 “.

“W ***, why b ***?”, The Madrilenian asks himself, who continues to say that “because Sonia he puts the pussy of the famous in his bed and comes to the sets to get paid. That’s a TV f ***. That’s coming to charge a television set for a fuck! ”, He is heard saying.

Neither short nor lazy he continues to address her assuring that “if you were my sister I get up and hit you two hosts, although this program does not charge ”. In addition, he adds that “do you know what happens? that I don’t like pol ** as much as you do, that that tooth will have fallen out of foll ** ”.

Before Javier Sarda cut the speech of KikoHe does not hesitate to say that “these knee pads I give them to you every time you bend over to suck him …”.