They record a great white shark attacking a boat in Florida

The horror and suspense movie ‘Shark’ (Jaws) 1975 directed by Steven Spielberg popularized the image of the white shark, considered one of the largest predators in the oceans.

Several videos have emerged on social networks of attacks on surfers, which have sometimes been fatal. However, this time, the shark paid attention to a boat, which came to lose a piece of one of its engines.

This is what a group of fishermen caught, several of them experts in spending thousands of hours in the waters of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. These fishermen have had hundreds of experiences, but this is precisely what they will remember for a long time.

“It was impressive. He came over and ripped a piece out of one of our engines “Erika Almond told FOX 13 News. In the images you can see the white shark approaching one of the engines to later sink its jaw composed of approximately 3,000 teeth.

“It’s not unusual, we expect sharks when you’re fishing and eating like that, but what made it unique was that it was a 14 to 16 foot great white shark. We could not believe what we were seeing ”, he assured, and it is that apparently the animal approached the boat out of curiosity and in search of food.

“At one point he even turned around as if he wanted us to rub his belly”he admitted.

Around 70 shark attacks occur worldwide annually, almost 50% to surfers.