They ran for Jason Dupasquier and his family

Organization, drivers and teams said goodbye this Sunday to Jason dupasquier, who has not been able to overcome the severe injuries that occurred in the hard accident suffered on Saturday at the end of the Moto3 qualifying of the Italian Grand Prix. The young Swiss has lost his life, news that was known as soon as he finished the race in the small category, but that the Moto2 riders have been seized so that it would not affect them.

“It was a shock to receive the news after the race,” he said. Raúl Fernández to DAZN after being second– I do not know what to say, it is the sport we love, which is present and when it arrives you do not believe it. What bad luck and knowing it after the race has been calmer because every time you go through that curve you have it in mind. A kid has left and it is the most annoying thing in the world. this is very hard ”.

The Moto3 riders found out when they were in the mixed zone for televisions and Gabri Rodrigo and Jaume Masià, the two Spaniards on the podium, could not hold back their tears. In fact, the Spanish-Argentine was the one who, live on DAZ, anticipated the arrival of the official statement, revealing the news that was already circulating in the pits of his moto3 companions.

The minute of silence in his memory has been kept a quarter of an hour before the start of the MotoGP race, and the championship majors digesting the news, with the KTM with the number 50 and the colors of the Prustel GP presiding over the grid. TEveryone has recognized that going through that curve 9 shrunk their soul, especially Fabio Quartararo that he has had a lot of time to think about his solo getaway, but there have been very few who have questioned that the race was run.

“It was hard that minute of silence before the race because you get excited very quickly, it was really difficult to stay focused. This victory goes to Jason and his family. ” The one from Nice didn’t know him personally, “but he was a kid and it’s always hard to lose one of us”

He acknowledges that to prepare for a race like this, “you have to go for it and forget what happened, but every time you go through Turn 9 … in your mind you have a mission which is to win and make a good result. worse is that when you go up there you start to think about many things ”. And at a certain point, he has preferred not to continue answering questions on the subject: “I don’t want to talk anymore because he won’t come back. It is our job, we know the difficulties, it happens sometimes and now it has been a long time. Unfortunately it is our job to ride a motorcycle at 350 km / h which is not a normal thing ”,

Joan Mir, third in the MotoGP race He explained that “it has been very difficult to put on the helmet for everyone, no one was amused to run today, but that is our job and what better way to dedicate this podium to Jason and his family because this is not something you want to happen. and you realize that there is risk and you have to be responsible. In cases like this you have to be selfish because otherwise you don’t do your job, the job ends when the race ends and the obligation is to give a show and otherwise enjoy the saddest Mugello podium in history for yesterday and without people”.

Miguel OliveiraSecond, he also recognized that “there is no preparation for something like this, there is a very fine line in wanting to beat the other, we went to this race with a lot of respect for others, you must always respect the limits. We are alone on the track, but in group races it is difficult to escape from such a situation. For Jason and his family the greatest tribute was to continue running “

Marc Márquez commented that “is part of the risk we run on the track. Many times we want to forget it and we don’t want to see it. When things like this happen, which fortunately happen less, but they happen, you realize what you are at stake every time you go out on the track, why there are not many people in the world capable of going at those speeds. They are hard blows, that make you think many things. In this case, the only thing left to do is send a big hug to the whole team, the family and all their friends ”.

But the running posture was not shared by everyone. Pecco Bagnaia defended that “This is one of the worst days of my life. I asked that it not come, because it was not correct. If it had been a MotoGP rider who had died, he would not have raced. I do not like that someone has decided to run after news like this. We have lost a 19-year-old rider, that’s something very difficult to accept, as well as being allowed to race ”.

“In situations like this, it depends on the people. There are those who, by character, affect them less than others. In my case, I am very sensitive, maybe too much. I went out for a run without being serene or focused at all. I think I am one of the few drivers who would have preferred not to. I would say that what happened has been taken too lightly ”, Danilo Petrucci explained. “I don’t know if we would have raced if we had passed a MotoGP rider. I feel quite dirty having competed thinking of his family and his friends ”.

Messages on social networks have not been long in coming from the MotoGP World Championship in memory of his figure.