They publish the before and after of Mery Turiel and it reminds everyone of Carlota Corredera

In recent years, one of the great debates that most shakes the networks is that of aesthetic retouching. With the rise of influencers, many of the users who follow these profiles are looking for real bodies with which to draw inspiration. In this line, the account ‘Fake beauty’It tries to show the reality of these accounts showing from the before and after or even the excesses of photoshop.

The last protagonist in his publications has been none other than Mery turiel. In it, they make it clear that the images are intended to teach the “before and after” of the young woman and whoever wants to comment for some time should do so “with respect”.

The physical change that the young woman has made in recent years is evident, the followers of ‘False Beauty’ have remarked something: a great resemblance. One user wondered if Mery turiel “Is the secret daughter of Carlota Corredera”Getting more than 300‘ likes ’in the comment.

She was not the only one who made this assessment. Another of the followers made it clear that “they are identical”, while one said that “you have read my mind.” One even remarked that “before it was the same as Carlota Corredera”, Presenter of Telecinco.

Mery Turiel, in the before and after of Instagram

Who is Mery Turiel?

The Madrid woman can boast of being one of the most followed Spanish influencers on the current scene. With almost 900 thousand followers, the young woman uses her account to share her day-to-day life and to be the image of some brands.