They propose the dismissal of the file to Juan Cala

The instructor of the sanctioning file to Juan Cala, Cádiz player, has communicated this Friday to the RFEF Competition Committee its proposal from dismissal of the same, according to has communicated the own yellow set.

The file was brought against him as a result of the insults of a racist nature that he allegedly had uttered in the Ramón de Carranza towards Moucctar
Diakhaby, Valencia player, whom he would have branded as “black
shit”. Valencia reacted by withdrawing from the field, to which he returned minutes later, warned of the consequences that his attitude could bring.

In an eight-page report by Juan Antonio Landaberea Unzueta, it is concluded that Juan Cala’s alleged racist insult to Diakhaby “Has not been accredited“And” to disprove the presumption of innocence, the certainty of the facts obtained from the free appreciation of the evidence is necessary, certainty which in this case is non-existent”, Affirms bluntly. In this way, both the documentary and witness evidence provided by Valencia are rejected.

The report states that “none of the numerous audiovisual archives in the works serve to discern an alleged racist insult”, Like the reports provided by LaLiga conclude“ in the same terms of denial of the insult test ”.

Reference is even made to a second report by the Apherton Research Group that reveals that “the behavioral analysis of the does not look or refer directly to the player number 12 of Valencia, not appreciating directionality in the aforementioned towards said player ”.

In addition, on the evidence presented by Valencia it is concluded that “there are no no direct or indirect testimony of the possible insult ”, as well as“ all the expert tests carried out unanimously conclude ”that it did not exist.

In compliance with the provisions of the RFEF Disciplinary Code, a period of ten business days has been given for the formulation of allegations.