They place Atlético among those interested in Kaio Jorge

Atlético de Madrid
He is always on the lookout for potential young players who can give the team a jump in quality in the future. Especially if they come from South America, one of the biggest “nurseries” of talent in world football.

Since Italy they assure that the mattress team is one of those that is closely following one of the most interesting footballers in Brazilian football.

It is the forward of the Santos Kaio Jorge, which has been shown in a big way in Brazilian. Many clubs dream of hiring him, also because his contract expires in December 2021. This means that next winter he can be hired at no cost.


We are talking about a forward with a powerful physique and very young, barely 19 years old, already international in the lower categories. From Italy it has been pointed out in recent days that the JuventusHe would even be handling a five-season offer.

As posted by Calciomercato, the Juventus now he sees an increase in competition for the young Brazilian player. Besides of Inter and the Naples, the Atlético de Madrid, who in Italy even see the mattresses ahead in this fight for the young forward.