They investigate commissions in the signing of Militão by Real Madrid

The 9.72 million euros in commissions resulting from the 50 million that the Real
Madrid in 2019 for the signing of the Brazilian central defender
Military, then in the Porto, are being investigated by the Portuguese Prosecutor’s Office.

As reported this Thursday by the newspaper ‘Public‘, In the spotlight are two agents: Bruno
Macedo, one of the four Portuguese arrested in Operation ‘Red Card’ that forced the president of Benfica to resign, Lewis
Scallop; and the brazilian Giuliano

Porto paid 8.5 million euros for him

In August 2018, the Porto bought at São
Paul 90% of the rights of Military for 8.5 million and in March 2019 the Real
Madrid bought 100% of the rights for 50 million, of which the Porto would benefit 38.16 million euros.

However, 21% of the amount that Porto entered was for the two intermediaries, according to the same source.

In addition, according to the newspaper, the first purchase operation is also under suspicion, when the Porto acquired Military.

According to the same source, there came into play Peter
Pinho, a businessman closely linked to the president of the Porto, Jorge
I paint gives Coast, which a few months ago was accused of assaulting a Portuguese television cameraman ‘TVI‘. That investigation, according to ‘Public‘, Arises from an anonymous complaint that explained that part of the commissions of said operation would have been used to compensate players and referees.

Pinho He was also a partner of Alexandre
I paint
Coast, son of the current president of the Porto, in a company also related to football, reveals the Portuguese newspaper.