They fire a worker from a Madrid residence after spreading humiliating videos

At a time when mistrust of nursing homes is increasing after several months of the coronavirus pandemic, the Community of Madrid has opened an investigation to the Las Vegas residence, in Ciempozuelos, after Onda Madrid published this Friday a video in which a caregiver at the center makes fun of an elderly woman lying on the floor. This video is also known only three weeks after other images of an old man lying on the floor of a residence of the multinational DomusVi in Llíria (Valencia).

The video has a duration of 20 seconds and has been recorded by the worker herself. In the images you can see a woman in a hallway trying to get into her wheelchair and you can easily hear how the caregiver tries to intimidate the old woman by putting a dark voice: “Maria, what are you doing lying there on the ground? We have reached the house of terror”. The recording is cut when the worker at the residence tells the woman not to get on the chair: “No, leave that”.

“We have reached the house of terror”

The residence, publicly owned, has been managed since 2013 by the Albertia group, which has verified the veracity of the video and has fired the employee, Denisse Tejero López, as announced by a spokesperson. The company, in charge of 15 residencies in Spain together with the Ramón Rey Ardid Foundation, was fined last year by the Community 6,242 euros for having insufficient staff. Despite this, the company and the foundation had just renewed their contract until 2022 and will receive 5.3 million public euros for the management of the 78-bed residence and its day center.

The Community of Madrid has announced that its inspectors will also check what happened to determine if they demand the corresponding administrative responsibility as well as in their criminal case. “We will not tolerate any type of abuse and we will pursue any action that violates the rights of the elderly who reside in the centers of the region“Said a spokeswoman for the Social Policy Department in a statement.

The person behind the video leak

According to Albertia, the video was leaked by Argimiro Torres, ex-partner of the caregiver. After ending their relationship, Torres threatened the worker with spreading the videos and she filed a complaint with the Civil Guard. Since then, Torres has been subject to a Restraining order, according to what was told by the company. As reported by Albertia’s spokesperson, the caregiver recorded more videos in which humiliating treatment is not appreciated. “Until now, she was considered a good worker,” adds the company.