They find a sheep with more than 35 kilos of wool with an unrecognizable appearance

Baarack, a sheep that had been lost for at least five years in Australia, has been found and rescued by an association for the protection of abandoned animals. And it is that the wild animal has accumulated a whopping 35 kilograms of wool after all these years without shearing.

The sheep wore a shocking look. Camouflaged under a large thick layer of wool that covered his entire head and body, and is that so only the muzzle got rid of the wool.

“It would appear that Baarack was once a sheep owned by someone,” said Kyle Behrend, one of the rescuers.

Baarack is recovering and although he was in good condition, the large amount of wool barely let him see what was in front of him.

Inside the wool they found all kinds of branches, leaves and even insects.