They find a petrified tree from 20 million years ago

A group of Greek scientists have discovered
a petrified tree whose branches and roots are still intact after 20 million years, as reported by Reuters.

The discovery occurred during the realization of some road works in the volcanic island of Lesbos, and is that the tree was petrified millions of years ago because of a volcanic eruption.

As the aforementioned medium explains, it is the first time they have found a tree in such good condition with branches and roots practically intact.

The fossilized tree, about 19 meters long, was preserved by a thick layer of volcanic ash after its fall. Following the discovery, it was transported from the site using a special tablet and a metal platform.

The petrified tree from 20 million years ago

The Petrified Forest of Lesbos, a UNESCO protected site of 15,000 hectares, it is the result of a great volcanic eruption that literally drowned the subtropical forest ecosystem of the Mediterranean island.

Experts consider this hfound as something “unique”, given that the conservation is in “excellent condition”. So the discovery will help scientists better understand the ecosystem of that period.